Great Ideas for securing your bike, both at home and while you're out and about

Looking for security products to protect your bike both at home and while out and about then look no further than Sterling

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90% of all bike thefts happen when a bike is left unattended in a public space

Protect your bike while out and about by combining locking solutions such as D Locks, chains, and cables.

Securing your bike at night can be difficult

As winter approaches and the nights grow longer, it can be difficult to lock and unlock your bike in the dark. The combination lock with built in LED from Sterling locks makes securing your bike at night simple.

Brightly coloured cables are a great deterrent

Brightly coloured security cables make it obvious to would-be thieves that your bike is well secured.

Maximise security by combining padlocks, cables and d locks

Combining a security cable and a padlock can be a simple and portable solution to securing your bike.

Sadly bikes are one of the most tempting targets for opportunist thieves. Valuable and portable, it’s no wonder that a bike is stolen in Britain every 70 seconds! Fortunately it’s easy to keep your wheels safe and sound with a bit of help from Sterling.